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Ever heard of slot games with some mouth watering food names and food themes? Yes there are quite a few of them that rungames.net is aware of and they are from the house of Microgaming Online Slots. Without doubt, Microgaming is one the best software having literally thousands of followers and hundreds of games covering a wide spectrum. Amongst these many games, online slots are extremely popular and the craziest part is that they have a quite a few games which have been named after some food items and food recipes. It is also known to many that Microgaming over the past two years has launched more than 50 new slot machine games. Each of these slot games have their unique feature and them ranging from science fiction to romance and mysterious things in life. See how to try out free these magnificent slots at the Sloto Cash casino site by reading the review at the USACasinosRated guide. Inside you will find reviews for other reputable casino sites too. But there is none to beat a few Microgaming Online Slots that revolve around food items and food recipes. Over the next few lines and paragraphs an attempt is being made to learn more about a few such slot games having strange but higher popular names such as Chain Mail, Curry in a Hurry, Fortune Cookies, Chocolate Factory, Oranges and Lemons and so on. Though it would not be possible to explain each and every of these Microgaming Online Slots game, a couple of popular games are being described in greater detail.

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Of the many food-related Microgaming Online Slots games described above, Chocolate Factory is indeed a very popular game. It is a 5-reel 9 pay-line video slot game which has chocolate as its main theme. This particular Microgaming Online Slots game is so popular because it is built on a food theme and furthermore this particular Chocolate Factory accepts coins from 0.05 USD to 2.00 USD. However, the maximum number of coins that can be spun in this slot is 45. If a person is lucky he or she can aspire to win around 8000 coins and the prize money would depend on the denominations played.

The next important and popular of the many Microgaming Online Slots games based on food themes is Curry in a Hurry. This again is a 5-reel 25 pay-line video slot game, which basically in centred on an Indian restaurant. Though this game was released during late 2007, it still continues to be very popular. The best parts of the graphics are an Indian Waiter with a variety of mouth-watering Indian food. This game accepts denomination from 0.01 USD to 0.50 USD and the maximum jackpot that could be won is around $4,500.