Pivot Roulette Strategy

The Pivot Roulette Strategy is an interesting principle that exists a hundred of years. The roulette strategy uses unequal law of distribution and the slot is repeated again within 24 spins even though the slots has 38 spins before will be repeated again. Before starting the game, take note all the numbers where the ball has recently landed, if the ball landed on the slot twice, begin betting on that slot. As soon as you win, begin to continue betting on this slot again. In this strategy, you are mostly going to a winning. You should avoid single number to bet.

Once you find your pivot number, take 36 spins in one round and bet on the same number until it wins. The earlier pivot number spins up, the better profits you will have and your profits decrease every spin on the wheel. If your pivot number doesn't appear on 36 spins, find a new pivot number. This strategy has uneven distribution and this is used by the players over the years. The Pivot Roulette Strategy requires study to be able to know the pattern of sequence. By knowing and practicing this strategy, you will understand the luck outcome of the game.

Playing the Pivot Roulette Strategy is finding to win a roulette. The five spin progression includes selection of 5 sleepers on the wheel betting 5 numbers. There are many people now selling there secrets on how to be a winner on this game. But before engaging in these ideas, you must understand how the strategy works. Roulette is based on mathematics with only one possible winner in every spin. Each spin produce a random results. It is easy to understand the Pivot strategy, by memorizing the strategies, you will be a winner but you should control yourself in a gambling play. Not most of the time you are a winner. There are times you go home with empty stomach and empty pockets with no properties at all.